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At the main hospital,Respiratory outpatient clinic and director's consultation are by appointment onlyIt is.

If you would like to see a doctor, be sure toReservation by phonePlease.
Here, we will guide you through the process from making an appointment to seeing a doctor.



A phone call from the owner/teacher in charge to make a reservation


Reservation reception hours

10:00-18:00 (excluding Saturdays and holidays)

​※ Please make a reservation by phone

Respiratory outpatient examination

【day of week】

Monday-Friday, Sunday


10:00 a.m.-

             From 16:00 pm (14:00 on Sundays only)

*In some cases, due to the absence of the director, another veterinarian may be asked to perform the examination.

Please be sure to make a reservation by phone before visiting.



Sending letters of referral and various data from family hospitals

​Please fill in the letter of introduction and send it by e-mail.FAX・Please send it to our hospital by mail.

​If your hospital does not have a referral form, please use this form.

​Please be sure to include the method of reporting.

​[XAbout line data】

DICOMandCD-ROMPlease store inWindowsversion ofDICOMmay not load.WindowsFor usersjpegsIt is certain that you can also include the data of

USBcannot be used due to virus protection.Please be aware in advance.
​[About blood test and other test results]

If you have something that you have inspected in advance, we would appreciate it if you could prepare it for reference.



Email address:


​Address: 1-5-15 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo




Flow of medical examination


[Examination] → [XLine test: usually 6 to 7] → [diagnosis] → [treatment]

*​In case of surgery, additional tests (blood test, electrocardiogram, etc.)of

I will do it.



Report the medical examination results to the family hospital

mail, mail,FAXIn the case of a report, it will take about one week.

In urgent cases, we may contact you by phone.

note that.

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