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* Currently, we are taking measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

​Before visitingherePlease be sure to check the

​What to bring when you visit
Various insurance cards
​*Please bring your own
Medical institution referral letter
*To all veterinarians who introduce us
online medical questionnaire
※Download it here
Test results/medicine
*Please bring your own
​General Outpatient
​The examination isBy appointment onlyis.
Please make a reservation by phone in advance.
(Depending on the situation, we may refuse to see you without an appointment.)

Reception end time
11:30 am
17:30 pm

*In the case of study session participation days, reception may end earlier than usual.

​* The order of the doctor's appointment may change depending on the contents. Please note.
​* Regarding vaccination, there is a rare possibility of allergic reaction, somorningWe recommend that you vaccinate the
​*Surgery, tartar removal, Wan Dock, Nyan DockteethReservation requiredTherefore, please make a reservation by phone.
​Reservations and inquiries for respiratory outpatient
Respiratory examination / doctor's examinationteeth"By appointment only”.

​ *Please refrain from making reservations from the consultation page (email). Please be sure to make a reservation by "telephone".
*If you come without an appointment, we may not be able to conduct a thorough examination or talk with you. note that.
​​*Reservations tend to fill up on Sundays, so please contact us early.

Respiratory outpatient examination

【day of week】

Monday-Friday, Sunday


10:00 a.m.-

                From 16:00 pm(Sunday only from 14:00)

*In some cases, due to the absence of the director, another veterinarian may be asked to perform the examination.

Please be sure to make a reservation by phone before visiting.

Medical fee (excluding tax)

Respiratory outpatient examination

​Medical fee:                                     ...

      Re-examination fee          600 yen

Examination fee: 2,000 yen for one X-ray examination

(Suspected tracheal collapse: approx. 6-7 pieces / others: approx. 2-4 pieces)

General outpatient examination


Consultation fee: Initial consultation fee: 1500 yen

      Re-examination fee          600 yen

Inspection fee: 2,000 yen per x-ray

Blood cell test 1500 yen

        Biochemical test 1 item 510 yen

      Filarial antibody test 2000 yen 

       (Separate blood test fee: 1000 yen)

      Electrocardiogram        3000 yen 

      Ultrasound examination (heart) 4000 yen

      Ultrasound examination (abdomen) 3000 yen

Treatment fee: Nail clippers 600 yen and up

600 yen for anal glands

Ear cleaning 600 yen


Vaccination: Rabies 3000 yen

Mixed vaccine (cat) 4000 yen ~

Mixed vaccine (dog) 6000 yen ~

Dispensing: When packaging or dividing the medicine

A dispensing fee of 50 yen per day will be charged.

When serving as a sheetDispensing fee

It doesn't take.

​If you are coming by car,this pagePlease also check
​In addition, the crackdown before the railroad crossing near our hospital is getting stricter.
pausePlease be careful.
​Closed days /    
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