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Announcement of the results of the 2nd Photo Contest! !

The grand prize went to a baby who yawned loudly in the exam room!

Thank you to everyone who applied and everyone who helped vote!

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1st place

Bun-chan “A big yawn on the examination table”

Bun-chan “My Ball”


​“I loved the colors, the composition, the pose, everything!” (Director)

​“It’s cute to see you so nervous when you come to the hospital! (Vote comment)”

2nd place

Kohaku-chan “Sanriku Sea”


“Cheers to Sanriku’s beautiful sea, beautiful sky, and amber smiles ^^ (Director)”

​“The sea breeze feels great~ (voting comment)”

3rd place

Chachamaru-chan “Gacchiri Catch”


“The way you say “don’t let go” is cute (director).”

3rd place

Momo-chan "Momo-chan"


``Although her gray hair has started to blend in, her beautiful eyes have not changed (Director).''

3rd place

Wink-chan & Michelle-chan “Year of the Monkey”


“That headgear is against the rules~ (lol) (Director)”

"I was also born in the year of the Monkey. It's cute (voting comment)"

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