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Announcement of the results of the 4th Photo Contest! !

This year's Grand Prix goes to Fukumaru-chan, who was smiling amidst the cherry blossoms.

Thank you to everyone who applied and everyone who helped vote!

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1st place

Fukumaru-chan “Sakura Carpet”


``The contrast with the cherry blossoms is wonderful.

I can almost imagine them enjoying a walk (director).”

``Nice smile! (Vote comment)

​“I like your smile (voting comment)”

2st place

Woody: ``Hey, is that delicious? ”


``This is the best angle. It's cute how they look at each other. (Director)”

``It's great that we're two good friends! (Vote comment)

2st place

Chip-chan “Sleepy nya…”


``I feel like I'm going to want to sleep with you too. . . (Director)”

``So cute! (Vote comment)

3st place

Milk-chan “Cuteness Appeal”


``The cat pose is amazing! (Director)”

``If you appeal to me like this, I'll love it! (Vote comment)

special award

Kurumi-chan ``Play? ”


``Do you want to play? Or is it like, “Give me something?” (Director)”

​“Red panda style (voting comment)”

special award

War-chan “Zenryoku Pome Smile”


``Your smile is wonderful. She's smiling and happy that it's fun♪ (Director)

``As the title suggests, go all out with a smile! (Vote comment)

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